EVS Galaxy - Introduction



This brochure was developed like the outcome (follow-up activity) of two International Training Courses (EVS in Our Hands, 2015, Prague, CZ; EVS Gathering, 2016, Morávka, CZ), with the intention of offering various experience, good practice, concrete tools and methodologies of European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects. The brochure is aimed at organisations involved in EVS projects (acting like EVS sending and/or receiving and/ or coordinating organisations), mainly for EVS coordinators — those who are already experienced in EVS projects, want to find new inspiration for their further work, but also for those who start with EVS, need support and concrete examples. At the same time, the brochure is a practical tool for mentors of EVS volunteers as well those, who are directly or indirectly involved in EVS projects.



The brochure collects various topics related to EVS agenda, which are important in different stages of EVS project (in preparation, realisation and evaluation of EVS project), including aims/objectives of EVS projects, roles of various partners in EVS project (sending, receiving, coordinating organisations, EVS volunteers, mentors…), their rights and responsibilities, specific important topics closely related to EVS (learning process and support of EVS volunteers, youthpass, intercultural learning, non-formal education, how to deal with problematic and conflict situations, tools and methodologies how to develop EVS projects in good quality, tips for arranging practicalities, how to support motivation of EVS coordinators, specifics of EVS in SEE/Western Balkans and EECA regions…).



We really appreciate number of contributions, articles as well number of authors, with various professional, cultural background and experience with EVS, who were open to share all those topics, tips and good practice with EVS projects with us — participants of both training courses (EVS coordinators and mentors), EVS trainers, EVS accreditors, mentors, experts working in EVS and voluntarism. In parallel, authors are coming from different countries (EU as well SEE/Western Balkans and EECA regions), this ensures also a variety of point of view on EVS topics.



We believe that this brochure will bring inspiration for EVS coordinators and will provide useful information about EVS, methodological approaches, tools and examples of good practice needed for work of EVS coordinators. At the same time, we hope that the brochure enables a better understanding of the EVS in its complexity among EVS actors and will motivate EVS coordinators for further development and improve the quality of EVS projects.


On behalf of the team of international training courses „EVS in Our Hands“ and „EVS Gathering“

Magda Wagenknechtová Svobodová