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Separate chapters in PDF:

How can the National Agency support the beneficiaries in EVS? (Petr Syrůček)
Volunteering (Jana Randa)
Specifics and peculiarities of EVS (Ondrej Strnád)
EVS Project Life Cycle (Magda Wagenknechtová Svobodová)
The Hero’s Journey — a bit different project life cycle of EVS (Helena Kosková)
The rights and responsibilities of EVS actors (Karolína Kousalová)
EVS Galaxy (Magda Wagenknechtová Svobodová)
Roles and Partnership (Romana Michaela Michalíková)
Coordinating organisation (Romana Michaela Michalíková)
Role of coordinating organisation (Filip Grék)
Role and support of sending organisations (Ondrej Strnád)
Role and support of the sending organisation (Eva Janečková)
Motivation of EVS coordinator (Silvia Leitner)
Motivation of EVS coordinator (Lucie Schubert)
Support of coordinators in and out of the organisation (Helena Kosková)
Benefits and goals for the organisation in EVS (Pavlína Dravecká)
Activities within EVS project (Agnieszka Hanna Kunz)
Learning process in EVS projects (Lucie Schubert)
Youthpass and how to use it in EVS projects (Lucie Schubert)
How to deal with individual mini-projects of EVS volunteers (Helena Kosková)
Intercultural learning (Agnieszka Hanna Kunz)
The potential of conflicts in EVS (Jan Látal)
Language course (Dan Janauer)
Accommodation of EVS volunteers (Magda Wagenknechtová Svobodová)
Feedback and Evaluation (Silvia Leitner)
The end is a new beginning (Dan Janauer)
EVS projects in Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries (EECA) (Artur Najaryan)
EVS projects in South East Europe countries (SEE) (Petre Mrkev)
Good practice in EVS projects. Outcomes of participant’s workshops “Service and Care” (TC „EVS in Our Hands“)
Presentation of projects „EVS In Our Hands“ and „EVS Gathering“
About the Trainers Team
Glossary of Terms
Useful Links and Resources