Helena Kosková

In this project: Trainer

Freelance Trainer, Nature Guide, Pesso-Boyden Therapist, Gardener

With an educational background in sociology, social work and psychotherapy she has 14 years of experience as a free-lance trainer focused on personal and organisational /community development and long-term programmes of non-formal education. She is involved in international Youth in Action / Erasmus+ programmes and runs own educational organisation Natural Spirit (www.naturalspirit.cz), which is focused on meaningful education in harmony with inner and outer nature. She works with individuals and groups also as a psychotherapist using body and emotions based method Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor. Her third working focus and passion is gardening. You can often find her walking, exploring pilgrimage as a tool for learning, development and change.

In connection with EVS, she was coordinator of sending and hosting projects in YMCA, did 9 months voluntary service in shelter home for children in Lithuania, and since 2003 is trainer of EVS volunteers, mentors and coordinators — both on national and international level, working for different National Agencies and in frame of projects granted by Erasmus +.


Jan Látal

In this project: Trainer

Freelance Trainer, Nature guide, Youth Worker, Musician, Performer, Webmaster

After studying at the University of South Bohemia (Leisure time education) started to cooperate with Youth Information Centre in České Budějovice (2001—2010). Since then he’s been active in organising various local youth activities, initiatives and international projects in the frame of Youth in Action/ Erasmus + and other contexts. He worked for the Czech National Agency for Youth in Action Programme (2005—2014) as a freelancer in different roles. Recently, he also works for the Austrian NA as EVS trainer and coordinates various local and international training and educational activities (workshops, seminars, training courses…). Has his own nature-based coaching and wilderness guiding practice. In his work, he combines art, nature and spiritual elements in educational activities.


Magda Wagenknechtová Svobodová

In this project: external methodological support and counselling

Coordinator of educational activities, Trainer, EVS accreditor for SEE/Western Balkans countries, creative mother

After studying at the Charles University (the topic of cultural studies/ social and cultural anthropology) and working for the children theatre Minor decided for going abroad like EVS volunteer (region PACA, France). Has long-term experience (2001—2013) with work for the Czech National Agency of Youth/Youth in Action programme, in different roles. From 2003 started to work more on the topic of EVS, like coordinator of EVS in the Czech Republic, EVS accreditor, trainer, project consultant. At the same time, coordinator of various educational activities for youth and youth workers on regional, national as well international level (training, seminars, events, workshops…), often aimed at the topic of EVS and non-formal education. One of founder and member of Society of František Tröster z.s., presenting personality and work of famous stage designer. Since 2006, working for the SALTO SEE RC like EVS accreditor for SEE/Western Balkans countries. Since 2014, a member of Association of non-formal education (www.anev.cz), active in various international training courses aimed at non-formal education and EVS. Regarding work experience, she is getting inspired by meeting and working with other culture realities. She likes art and creative activities, sport, travelling, walking in nature and gardening.


Dan Janauer

In this project: methodological support and counselling

Freelance outdoor guide, Instructor of skiing and snowboarding, Vegetarian Cook

Studied human resources management at the ČVUT University in Prague (2011—2013). Worked more than10 years for the Youth / Youth in Action Czech National Agency (2001—2013). Coordinating several activities and agendas within Youth, Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programmes. In 2006 he felt in love with EVS and since then he was working as a project consultant, accreditor and project evaluator. Coordinator of several EVS national and international training courses focused on self-development of volunteers, coordinators and mentors. Since 2014 member of Association of non-formal education (www.anev.cz) and still faithful to the EVS topic. Currently is socialising with people through sports, outdoor activities/education, cooking and travelling.